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This workout program is designed with a 2-day on, 1-day off split. During the split, each muscle group will be targeted once, except for arms and calves, which will be targeted twice.


Additionally, an extra arm day has been included. On rest days, you still have the option to engage in some type of activity.


The rep ranges are focused on bodybuilding hypertrophy, which means this program can help you gain muscle mass or focus on fat loss, depending on your diet.


However, the training plan and rep ranges will remain the same, regardless of your specific goal. For fat loss, it's suggested that you perform some type of activity or cardio on your rest days and add HIIT or LISS cardio on workout days.


You can modify this plan to fit your personal goals and schedule. However, it's important to allow yourself enough rest time to recover since this is already a 2-day on, 1-day off plan.


If you eliminate rest days, keep in mind that there isn't a lot of rest as it is. This plan has worked well for me, and I hope you find it enjoyable too.

Primordial Workout Plan (E-Book)

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